Evening Molasses

by energygown

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Bind your mind on boogie and sludge.

"We've been waiting for this lp for way too long! "Evening Molasses" finds Energy Gown's bad vibe / outsider psych in full force, diving deep down into the darkest droned out corners of Japanese psych weirdness, crawling up through the analog wasteland of art damaged krautrock and resurfacing somewhere in the most menacing strung-out corners of the late 60s US / UK lysergic garage rock scenes. Pink Fairies, Can, Les Rallizes Denudes, Love, Parsson Sound, 13th Floor Elevators??? Definitely! Yes but something oh so much more warped and bent, cuz "Evening Molasses" takes in all those bad trips of the past and turns them inside out, like only a band of misfits raised on punk / post punk records could. This is not safe music, nor some hippie flower power psych or for that matter RnR for the sober. This is some fucked up mesmerizing psych from one of Chicago's best and daring bands. And you need to hear it now! Promise." -Permanent Records Chicago


released July 10, 2014

Alona's Dream Records 014 buy:http://alonasdreamrecords.com/?p=1268
2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 - recorded with Erik Rasmussen @ The Observatory
1, 5, 9, 10 - recorded with John Dawson @ Magnetic South

A.A.Lam - vox, guitar, mijwiz, farfisa, tapes
Maisie May - drumkit, vox, flute, farfisa
E.B. Rivera - bass, whistle, tablas
David J. Hanus - guitar on Free Dose
Rich Washam - bass on Overflow
John Sorenson - drums on Overflow



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Energy Gown Chicago, Illinois

be seeing you

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Track Name: One Whig
One Whig

my bellys breaking in
i didnt have but one whig

scarabs at the bottom of the rung

it couldnt be, it couldnt be
it couldnt be more than a lifetime

we were loose, we were loose, we were loose
in the meaning
oh darling lets go down
go down
Track Name: Ra.a.acing Snakes
Racing Snakes

racing snakes
evening molasses
they can take it through the bones
fit in spaces of their own

racing still
it wont be long as been sung
an overflow for being grown
being grown
being grown

racing snakes
designer freedom
always trying to involve
look at those snakes as they try to run

remembered not
if they had it
colored matching tombstones
always on loan
always on loan
always on loan
always on loan
Track Name: Free Dose

made it, made it
slayed it, lady

who needs’em
who needs freedom

reno can we kill it
we know
we don’t

babies born in reno
droplets from a needle
watching water from a needle
dripout dropout

we don't
need a hero

Track Name: Port Man Tow
Port Man Tow

Katmandu of high priests
Kentucky dew
lucky few will make do
flickered glow
flick the flames aglow
figurant unwed dead ducks
monday faction's host reaction
pleasey cheesy
make'm sleaze up
you haven’t met your due date
from the mountain fountain pour
goners flingers
flange off at the neck
lined and queued
lined and queued
reckless bells of mention
garbage youth sold the USA
reckless bells of mention
the same dementia
Track Name: Pitch Drops On The Atmos Clock
watching the pitch drops
makes me feel funny

beverly clock, the atmos clock
its taking a long time to drop
under the drop of auto

dropping our heads south
holding your face - under the drop space seance knot
6th, 7th, and the 8th drop fell

making the streets up
black as night
its taking a long time to drop
letting it dropout
making the night shout

this isn't for us
we don't want to stop
this isn't for free
we don't wanna dream
give us infinite machines and baby belief


black is high above the tar pit sky
rattling the pitch pipe

watching the drips stop
Track Name: Doc Silver's Hoop Laws
Doc Silver’s Hoop Laws

john dreams
john dreams
dream john

of the levitation

feed me memory
feed me hoop laws

tried to sneeze
pretty please
an invocation

cool breeze
through your leaves
you’re gonna get johned

buried john dreams uncovered
it smells!
like you been under me
i’ll never lose ya
better call...doc silver
better call doc silver!


live with me in dark summer and doc silver
doc silver
doc silver
under the moon


Reprise (John Dreams)
Live with me in summertime
Track Name: Day Man
Day Man

i can tell you’re clear as a bell
and i would refuse a nudge to move my hand
i can see you’re just like me
you’re the daimon
day man

what’s my deadringer’s name

day man confused dead simple cues
and i would refuse a nudge to move my hand
it’s a thick black line in deadringer’s spine

you’re the daimon
day man

what’s my deadringer’s name

Day Man
Track Name: Round House
Round House

round house, you left open the door
round house, mirrors in all corridors
round house, the peer through the dawn fog

do what you want,
do what you will,
do your will
on the upside

round house, you took care of the corners
round house, point your angle northward
round house, love is the law of the land

love is the law,
law of the land
love is the law,
law of the land
in the noontide

round house, you came in through the window
round house, made endless rooms to nowhere
round house, a lovely thing to call her

see you there, see you there